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online-marketing-slide1eBrand Media: the incubator  

eBrand Media discovers, and develops, premier marketing solutions for Medianista, a performance driven marketing agency.

eBrand Media has incubated a number of digital properties, several of which have been sold, including Candy Crush Box, Candy Shop Box, eBizine, eBrand Interactive, and Mom and Pop Marketing, among others.

eBrand Media created the growing “Civil Responsibility” movement online in an effort to encourage people to “Do Something Good”. Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They’re a connection to our history, a measure of our success, and a guide for our future.

Embrace the Superb
We’re passionate about being superb. As a result, we’ve instituted a number of safeguards to ensure that our clients receive superior services and support.

Deliver results
We’re focused on solutions that deliver value and quantifiable results. Every strategy, tactic, and action has a specific, measured purpose.

Be generous
We’re open with our ideas and our time. We share with each other, with clients, and with our network of prospects and peers.


Encourage creativity 
We’ve created an environment where we’re encouraged to think logically while trusting the intuition that leads to innovation.

Value curiosity
We want to understand what works and why it works so that we can turn it into a predictable and repeatable marketing solution.

Always be proactive
It’s in our DNA to think and act beyond what’s asked for so that we will continually provide greater value for our partners, our clients, and our employees.

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An Integrated Company for the Web + Social + Mobile

eBrand Media does business as Medianista

Medianista is the marketing division of eBrand Media. eBrand Media utilizes proven marketing solutions, partners, and technologies for the purpose of increasing revenue, profitability and brand equity for advertisers. We think outside of the box, while making sure everything in the box is fully optimized. eBrand Media, Inc. is an exclusive and invited membersof the Guidepoint Society of Media Leaders.

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